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The Price of Petrol in Riyadh

12 °C


Even a Yorkshireman cannot complain at these prices! 52 Litres for £4 (yes £4 not 40!). SR23.40 @5.85 = £4 for 52 litres = 7.7p per litre.

Petrol stations have fixed prices here in Saudi Arabia.

Cheaper than water? Not quite but not far off!

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Raining Cats and Dogs in Riyadh

First downpour of winter - chaos ensues

storm 14 °C


Well today we had the first downpour of winter. In the same way a couple of inches of snow brings chaos to the UK so does a couple of inches of water in Riyadh. Water gathers everywhere due to not many drains and also sand blocking them. A lot of places had a good couple of inches deep water to contend with and the underpasses get very dangerous as they fill with water. Not too much lightening today but when you do see it it is very impressive. The roads are slick and oily and a layer of water makes them fun, for once the Saudis were ultra-cautious on the road.

That said many of the Saudis in the office were very happy in the same way we Brits are when it snows. They will be all out having picnics in the coming days as things green up a little. Oh and everyone was happy to be sent home at 2:00!

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Horse Racing

Winning big in Riyadh

sunny 27 °C

Winning Big in Riyadh

I was very kindly invited to the Corona Ladies Charity event at King Abdulaziz Race Track NE of Riyadh courtesy of the Jadawel compound managers Barry and Bernie.


A marvellous place with not much expense spared, we had a sponsors box high up in the stand next to the Royal Box. Races started at 3:15 in a nice 30Deg of sun finishing at 6:30 in the dark. We were treated to 8 races. We were also treated to a great food buffet - sadly the hopes that a 'Corona' event would yield a bucket of ice-cold Coronas were not to be!

Gambling is not allowed in Saudi Arabia. However you can 'bet' on the races - effectively you buy tickets 5SR (£1) each and put them in a hat/box of the horse that you like. Should that horse win then you are in the raffle with the other winning tickets, a ticket is drawn and then you win.

I managed to pick 4 winners in the 8 races and was lucky enough to win 400SR (£65) so a great result, Bernie also won too - see the last photo! :-)



All in all a great day out.


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